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Poor Unfortunate Souls

Heylo Everyone!

I'm super happy with today's Halloween nail art-it's awesome even if I do say so myself!! :) I used a more painterly effect this time and it was SO much fun! Take a little looksee...

You can definitely tell when I'm digging a bit of nail art- a whole load of photos!! Ha ha! I came across a picture online of a bunch of swirling ghosts and immediately thought of my nails. As you do.

I started with a couple of coats of OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem'. Not only do I love the name of this polish (I mean, come on!) but it's also an absolute beauty! I then used a mahussive amount of nail polishes in blues and greys. I used a striping brush and started with the darkest polish (Barry M 'Navy') to block in the main shapes.

I then built up the picture in layers working from darkest to lightest, with a striping brush. Here's the polishes I used;

Butter London 'Big Smoke'
OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem'
Essie 'Coat Azure'
Orly 'Boho Bonnet'
OPI 'Skull And Glossbones'
China Glaze 'Dandy Lyin' Around'

I wanted to emphasise the actual ghost shapes on each nail away from the background swirls, so I added a smidging of glitter. I bet you saw that one coming huh?! I used a striping brush and La Femme 'Fairy Dust', and painted a layer over each ghost shape. Finally, I used Barry M 'Diamond Glitter' over the 'Fairy Dust' with my striping brush. Using the striping brush helped me to arrange the bigger hex glitters just how I wanted them! I didn't use topcoat as the image had become raised, almost 3D and you guys know how I love that effect!

I'm SO in love with these!! You may have noticed??! The photos just don't do the manicure justice, the layers look really complex and the glitter is so very pretty :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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