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Somebody's Watching Me

Evening People!!

Tonight I have the first of a few Halloween manicures to show you! Halloween isn't that big a thing here (especially in such a tiny village!) but I do enjoy looking through all the decorations, costumes, recipes and of course nail art on the internet. To be honest, this first attempt at Halloween themed nail art left a LOT to be desired! My other ideas should turn out much better..I hope!

I started with a single coat of China Glaze 'Stone Cold' on all my nails. On my ring, thumb and pinkie nails, I used a large dotting tool and Essie 'Blanc' to paint random dots. Then, I used a smaller dotting tool and 'Stone Cold' to add teeny dots to the centre of the white dots so that they looked like eyes. Using nail art stripers in lime green, orange and yellow, I added details to the eyeballs so that they looked like they were from various monsters rather than humans!

On my pointer and middle nails, I used Essie 'Blanc' and my striping brush to paint a rough eye shape on each. I then used the same stripers to paint monster's eyes- lime green for the eyelids, yellow and orange for the actual eye. I used a bit of Essie 'Snap Happy' to paint in some bloody veins in the whites of the eyes. I used 'Stone Cold' to add vertical pupils for a lizard-like effect. Finally, I added Essie 'Good To Go'.

I'm not that chuffed with these, they didn't come out how I wanted them to so I'm disappointed :(  Although strangely, I'm rather liking the multiple eyeball nails-they're kind cool!

Thanks for reading,

Kayleigh :)



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