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An Enchanted Princess

A Good Evening To You All!!

I am SO loving today's manicure (what a surprise, tee hee)! I had an image of  lovely and dainty but sparkly nail art and it came out just how I imagined! Love it when that happens :)

Awww it's so girly and delicate!! I started with Rimmel 'Euphoria' on most of my nails except for my ring finger which is Barry M 'Princess'. I've been totally bowled over by Barry M's Royal collection, each one is just divine. I. Must. Have. Them. All!!!

On my pointer finger, I painted a simple gradient over 'Euphoria' with 'Princess'. I made sure to build it up using thin layers as texture polishes like this can get pretty bulky. 

On the rest of my nails, I decided to do a simple leafy branch design to keep with the dainty feel of the whole manicure. Using my faithful striping brush and Essie 'Cocktail Bling', I painted on the branches/tendrils. I repeated the process with Color Club 'Eternal Beauty' to add some depth to the image! Finished these nails with Essie 'Good To Go' topcoat.

I really like the colour combination in this, it's almost got a vintage feel to it. These kind of pearly musk pinks aren't always very popular but I'm an absolute sucker for them!

Considering I wasn't that into textured polishes when they first made an appearance, I've sure bought a lot of them!! Ha ha! They must have magical powers. Or I'm a weakling when it comes to sparkly nail polish. Let's go with the former!

Thank you for reading;

Kayleigh :)



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