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The Maze Eternal

Good Evening All!!

Tonight's manicure kinda just happened without me really thinking about it!! I just grabbed a couple of nail polishes nearby, my striping brush and just winged it :) Surprisingly it turned out pretty good!

I painted most of my nails with Color Club 'Eternal Beauty' (an amazing polish) and OPI 'Upfront & Personal' on my ring finger. At least I think it's 'Upfront & Personal', Mum brought it back from a trip to China and it didn't have a label. After a bit of research, this was the closest colour to my bottle!

I used OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff' and my striping brush to paint a maze-like pattern on all my nails except the accent nail. It was actually easier to paint straight lines than I'd thought! Just patience and a steady hand :) 'My Vampire Is Buff' is such a lovely opaque polish that I only had to go over the lines a couple of times. Woop!

On my accent nail, I used Barry M 'Amethyst', a lovely square glitter topper. The colour and the shape goes so well with the overall design! I finished everything off with Essie 'Good to Go'.

I'm really happy with this nail art, its striking and glitzy- what's not to like?!! Unfortunately you can't see how strong 'Eternal Beauty's holo is in these photos, my camera just couldn't handle such wonder!!

Thanks for reading :)




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