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Abstract Love

Good Evening People!!

Recently, during an epic Pinterest expedition I discovered the wonders of abstract art. In particular the artwork of Erin Cooper is just ah-may-zing and gave me a shedload of inspiration for some nail art! The combination of colours she uses are just so perfect and fresh, great for Spring :)

I started this artsy manicure with OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff' (thumb, middle and ring nails) and Rimmel 'Lunar Love' on my accent nails. 'Lunar Love' is absolutely stunning and great value for money :) It contains small flecks of iridescent glitter so it's much more sparkly in person.

I then started on the actual abstract nail art which is based on this painting. I used a small detail brush and painted on the nail polish in lines and patches. To bring in the accent nails, I started with 'Lunar Love' for the berry pink even though it's a texture nail polish (which turned out looking pretty cool!).

I then used the following nail polishes to do most of the image; Barry M 'Passion Fruit' (coral red), Barry M 'Peach Melba' (plus the two mixed together) and Essie 'Splash Of Grenadine'  (pink/purple).

I also used some blue/green toned nail polishes here and there; Rimmel 'Peppermint' (duck-egg), Barry M 'Guava' (bright turquoise) and China Glaze 'Exotic Encounters' (dark dusky green). These additions really made the whole thing 'pop'! Like magic.

Finally, I added Essie 'Blanc' in very small patches and topcoated (except the textured accent nails) with Champneys 'Base & Top Coat'.

I'm really happy with this manicure, it's so bright and happy!! It's also one of those manicures which is pretty simple to do but looks like you've been slaving for ages! Booya.

Prepare yourselves for more abstract inspired nail art as I am obsessed!! he he.

Thanks for reading :)




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