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Fleur Romantique

Heylo Everyone!!

I'm still happily immersed in thoughts of florals and romantic shades (see my previous post) in the hope that sheer perseverance will make warm weather appear sooner, ha ha!! So in predictable fashion, I've done some more 'Spring trend' themed nail art-yay!!

I started this pretty manicure with OPI 'My Very First Knockwurst' (on most nails) and China Glaze 'Teal The Tide Turns' for a quircky/unexpected accent nail. I find the best way to apply these kind of textured nail polishes is to paint thin layers and allow plenty of drying time. This seemed to prevent lumpiness and made for a more uniform coverage!

Using a small flat brush, I dabbed on nail polish to create random flowers on my non-accent nails. I used Barry M 'Dragon Fruit' (pink), China Glaze 'Gothic Lolita' (purple), Rimmel 'Peppermint' (duck-egg) and 17 'Parma Violet' (lilac).

I then used a small detail brush and the same nail polishes to paint on small stokes to the centres of the flowers. I also dotted on China Glaze 'Teal The Tide Turns' to the very centre of each flower. I then topcoated these nails with Essie 'No Chips Ahead' but left my accent nail topcoat free.

To begin with I wasn't sure if such a bright accent nail would actually work in an otherwise softly coloured manicure, but I think it looks pretty damn cool! :) I've also surprised myself by how much I adore 'Teal The Tide Turns' as I usually prefer them ultra sparkly. Weird.

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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