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Only The Bold

Hello People!!

Our final stop on the Pinterest expedition train is the very snazzy artwork of Garima Dhawan! In particular, I really like this image :) I love the amorphous feel of the flower shapes and the unexpected colour scheme. I would never have thought of putting these colours together but it somehow works!!

The background in the original image is a very pale sandy beige but I chose a more grey tinted beige as it suits my skin better! I used OPI 'Skull & Glossbones' for this-it's a great base for nail art.

I used a medium sized detail brush and different coloured nail polishes to paint on the flowers. It was pretty easy once I'd done a couple as the flowers are quite roughly shaped-yay! The main nail polishes I used were; Barry M 'Spring Green' (a much brighter grass green than the photos show), Essie 'Coat Azure' (shimmery blue), Barry M 'Cyan Blue' (bright blue), Barry M 'Passion Fruit' (coral red) and 17 'Orange Soda' (light orange).

Using the same technique, I added petals in Barry M 'Dragon Fruit' (light pink) and Revlon 'Rock' (dark purple) to bring in more of the original colour palette. I then added the flower centres with a large dotting tool and 17 'Orange Soda', Barry M 'Dragon Fruit' and Barry M 'Passion Fruit'.

With a small striping brush (it's shorter than a normal striping brush) and China Glaze 'Stone Cold', I painted in the tiny tear drop shaped leaves. I like how the fine glitter in 'Stone Cold' gives a similar look to the patchy black leaves in the original. I finished it all off with Champneys 'Base & Top Coat'.

I'm so much happier with this manicure than my previous one!! Ha ha! It's a much bolder style than I usually go for but I rather like it! It's always fun to step outside your comfort zone once in a while :)

Thanks for reading!!

Kayleigh :)



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