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Amethyst Glamour

Hello Everybody!

Firstly, I just want to say sorry for my lengthy blog absence; my family and I received some bad news and as a result I haven't felt like doing any nail art. But things are getting a bit better now so I'm trying to get back into my routine :) Today I've got an extra sparkly manicure to show you!

This glittery nail art is centred around a gorgeous dense glitter nail polish; Barry M 'Amethyst'. I love this glitter baby because it has such an unusual combination of glitters (silver, black, purple, magenta and aqua blue) and with careful application can cover the nail in one coat!! Unbelievable.

In order to keep the manicure cohesive, I only used colours similar to those in 'Amethyst'. On my pointer and pinkie nails, I used Barry M 'Guava' (so bright!). I also used China Glaze 'Gothic Lolita' on my thumb and Essie 'The Lace Is On' on my middle nail. Finally on my ring nail, I created an accent nail with Barry M 'Amethyst'.

I loved this glitter nail polish so much that I also painted a vertical strip of 'Amethyst' down half of my other nails. The glitter is so dense and small that it's really easy to get a nice clean edge! Can you tell how obsessed I am with it yet??!

On my thumb and middle nails, I added some pink and aqua blue rhinestones (part of a Bundle Monster from Amazon) respectively in a line along the glitter edge. I used a medium sized rhinestone at the base of the nail and then small ones for the rest of the line. On my pointer nail, I used purple metallic striping tape and pink holographic striping tape (both part of a pack from Amazon) on my pinkie nail. I finished it all off with a rather thick coat of Essie 'No Chips Ahead'.

This manicure was SO much fun to wear!! Even though it was probably a tad over the top for everyday wear, I really enjoyed the combination of metallic tape, glitter and rhinestones. It would be perfect for a party or fun event! Surprisingly the rhinestones lasted ages, I didn't lose a single one over 3-4 days!! Fantasticles.

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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