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Lady In White

Hello People!!

I think it's pretty safe to say that we all have our favourite nail polish brands! I tend to take it that little bit further (as you do) and split mine into categories.. ahem. Overall though, I love Barry M because they have a great colour selection for very reasonable prices (perfect for nail art) and their latest collections have literally BLOWN MY MIND!!

Today I'm going to show you a gorgeous nail polish from one of my favourite collections; The Royal Textured Glitter Collection.

Barry M 'Lady' is a lovely pearl white textured polish with iridescent glitter pieces. It's beautiful! I painted my pointer and pinkie nails in 'Lady' and the rest of my nails in China Glaze 'Dandy Lyin' Around'. These are both very sheer but that's to be expected with such delicate white polishes.

Over the textured polish, I painted a dry-brush gradient with OPI 'Up Front & Personal'. I decided to pair these pretties with a delicate vintage floral pattern. I based it roughly on this image I found on Pinterest.

Using a small detail brush and China Glaze 'Pink-ie Promise' (mixed with Essie 'Blanc'), I painted on some large daisy-like flowers. I used 'Pink-ie Promise' on it's own to add some darker petals for definition. Then I dabbed on some smaller flowers here and there using China Glaze 'Pelican Gray' and a gold Technic striper.

For the fine details like the stems and flower middles, I used a striping brush and Revlon 'Iconc'. I also dapped on OPI 'Up Front & Personal' in vague leaf shapes for some light shimmer. Finally I topcoated the patterned nails with Champneys 'Base & Top Coat'.

I'm totally head over heels for this nail art, it's got such a delicate feel to it :) It appears that I can't stay away from these light and ethereal manicures!!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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