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Into The Woods

Hey There!

Tonight's manicure is a slightly abstract version of a snowy woodland scene in the depths of Winter. I wasn't too enamored with it when I'd finished; there was something off with it. One coat of a matte topcoat changed it completely! The wonders of matte topcoat!!

I started with a few coats of OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem' which is a lovely blue toned grey speckled with silvery flecks. However my photos are showing it slightly bluer than it really is :)

On the bottom half (near cuticle) of each nail, I dabbed on Maybelline 'Top Splatter', a glitter topper made up of silky white hex glitter in various sizes. I absolutely love this, it's a bit different to the usual white glitter toppers due to that lovely silken sheen.

To the top of each nail, I painted on a winter woodland scene. I used a very thin detail brush and Zoya 'Yuna' (dark grey with tiny gold flecks) to paint on graphic evergreen trees here and there. I also used the following nail polishes for the other trees; OPI 'I Don't Give A Rotterdam!' (soft grey with silver/gold flecks) and China Glaze 'Kiss My Glass' (metallic dark blue-grey).

To balance out the manicure, I then painted on some trees in Essie 'Blanc' which massively improved the whole thing! I smoothed it all with Essie 'Good To Go', followed by OPI 'Matte Top Coat'.

Despite the initial dodgy outcome of this nail art, I've actually grown to appreciate it! I really like the softness and slightly foggy look that the matte topcoat gives; fits in well with the theme!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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