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Abstract By Nature

Good Afternoon!

While perusing Pinterest recently, I came across some great geometric prints inspired by nature which I used in my last 'Inspiration' post. One of the geometric mountain prints stuck with me so I decided to use it for some nail art! I altered the colour scheme slightly, using lighter and brighter colours- more Spring-like.

I started by painting my accent nails (index and pinkie) with China Glaze 'Dress Me Up' (pink toned brown) and the rest of my nails in Barry M 'Coconut' (cream).

Over China Glaze 'Dress Me Up', I dabbed on a couple of coats of L.A. Girl 'Splash'. This is a clear based glitter topper with satin white and mint green hex glitters.

On the rest of my nails I used a thin striping brush and China Glaze 'At Vase Value' (bright but pale mint) to paint large triangles. I repeated this step with China Glaze 'Dress Me Up', forming a geometric pattern.

I then added in small accent triangles with Barry M 'Peach Melba' (peach) and Barry M 'Elderberry' (grey toned blue). Then, I painted on small pine trees in Rimmel 'Pear Drop' (pearlescent turquoise) using a small detail brush. Finally, I finished it all off with Essie 'Good To Go'.

These were pretty fun to wear; nice and bright but not over the top! I especially love the soft brown with the mint and peach. They go so well together :)

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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