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Neon Sun

Hello Everyone!!

It's been rather a long time since I last posted anything. Unfortunately life got in the way of that but I'm here now and excited to get back into my nail art routine!!

Today's nail art is inspired by some absolutely amazing body art that I came across on Pinterest;

These images are so beautiful and creative, I can't stop staring at them! I loved the combination of the bright and neon colours contrasting with the dark inky blues and purples. 

I started this manicure by painting all of my nails in Essie ‘Blanc’, an opaque white creme. It makes a nice, clean base for bright colours and allows the neons to pop. A few coats are needed to reach full opacity but it builds nicely so I don’t mind too much!

Once this was completely dry, I started on the sunset gradient, spacing the colours across four of my nails with a single image on my thumb. I used a small detail brush to dab the colours on and blended them together using a bit of nail polish thinner. 

I used the following nail polishes for the sky and the sea in both images;

Orly ‘Glowstick’ (neon lemon yellow), Barry M ‘Mango’ (bright orange), Barry M ‘Grapefruit’ (bright coral), China Glaze ‘Peonies & Park Ave’ (neon pink), China Glaze ‘Flying Dragon’ (neon amethyst with blue micro glitter) and Barry M ‘Damson’ (bright royal blue). 

I also used Seventeen ‘Purple’ (purple/blue flakies in a muted purple base) over the purple and blues for a bit of shimmer and shine. :)

I waited a while for these layers to dry completely before adding in the details. Using the same detail brush and Essie ‘Blanc’ (white), I painted in the suns (middle and thumb nails) and reflections. Then I painted in the land (pointer and ring nails) using a mix of Essie ‘Blanc’ and Barry M ‘Mango’. Finally I painted in the clouds using Butter London ‘Brick Lane’ (burnt orange), Barry M ‘Cocoa’ (chocolate brown) and Orly ‘Glowstick’.

On my thumb, I also added in clouds and other details using China Glaze ‘Flying Dragon’ and Barry M ‘Damson’

I used Essie ‘Good To Go’ to smooth it all before mattifying with OPI ‘Matte Top Coat’. Phew! That was a lot of nail polishes!

These started off quite tricky to do but once I'd got the hang of it, they were fine! I love how the manicure came out and was so sad when I had to take it off :(

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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