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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Hey There!

I'm back today to show you my final Winter inspired nail art! As it's been a tad chilly around here recently I thought I would paint some cozy, warm Winter accessories (scarf, mittens and bobble hat) on my nails :) Unfortunately it hasn't actually snowed in my neck of the woods so I shall have to live vicariously through my nails...

I began by painting all my nails with Revlon Parfumerie 'Wintermint' which is a frosted aqua nail polish featuring small turquoise hex glitter, gold micro glitter and fine green shimmer. I think it's really unique and very fitting for this time of year!

Unfortunately due to it's frosted and shimmery finish, it's also really difficult to accurately photograph; it's a much brighter greenish aqua in person.

To start the nail art, I used a medium sized brush and Essie 'Blanc' to block out the basic shapes on each nail and to form a solid background for some of the paler colours.

Once that was completely dry, I painted on the main colours for each nail using the following nail polishes;

Barry M 'Chai' (medium grey) on my thumb, Barry M 'Blueberry' (periwinkle blue) on my index and pinkie, and finally Barry M 'Mist' (pearlescent pastel blue) on my middle and ring fingers.

I also added fur trim to each object using Barry M 'Pearl' (pearlescent soft white).

Then I started to add in pattern and details using a small, fine brush and the following nail polishes;

Barry M 'Damson' (bright, soft blue), Rimmel 'Your Magesty' (silver), Barry M 'Lady' (textured white glitter) and Barry M 'Chai'.

I continued to refine the details and adding layers until I was happy with the overall look before adding a final coat of Essie 'Good To Go'.

In general I'm happy with this manicure, although I think a darker background colour would have worked better, especially with the mittens. I do love the bobble hat on my index finger though as that came out exactly how I'd imagined; hooray!!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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