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Ethnic Vibes

A Good Day To You!!

Continuing on with my epic Pinterest expedition, my next inspiration stop is the striking art of Sonia Delaunay. In particular I'm really into her more graphic designs with their unusual colour combinations. For today's nail art, I decided to use this piece for inspiration :). I like how it has an ethnic feel to it without being obviously tribal!

I started this manicure with Barry M 'Passion Fruit' which is such a gorgeous coral red! The above photo is the most colour accurate in terms of the nail polish (my skin is not that yellow!!). I normally steer away from these kind of shades as they don't suit my skin tone but this is just way too pretty to pass up!

I decided to depict the whole pattern on my thumb and middle nails as they are my widest nails, ha ha! I used a medium sized detail brush and Essie 'Russian Roulette' to paint diamond shapes slightly off-centre on these nails. It's slightly darker than 'Passion Fruit' so the difference does show up in person but not so much in the photo. Boo!

Then, using my striper brush and Essie 'Blanc', I outlined the dark red diamond shapes, followed by another outline in 'Russian Roulette'.  I then added in the appropriate lines using China Glaze 'Pink-ie Promise' and House Of Colour 'Sea Green', using the picture as a guide.

On the rest of my nails I concentrated the pattern at the base of the nail (kinda like a half-moon) so as not to completely overwhelm the entire manicure! I used the same nail polishes and technique as above, just a slightly different part of the design :). Finally, I added a coat of Champneys 'Base & Top Coat'.

These were so much fun to do, just enough of a challenge to keep me happy! I really like how unexpected the 'half-moon' nails look too. It's a pity the contrast between the two reds is a bit lost on camera though because in person it's a pretty cool effect!

Thanks for reading!

Kayleigh :)



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