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Spring Blush

Evening Lovely People!

I cannot wait for Spring. This year I've really been blown away by the Spring trends especially the blushing pinks and old rose hues, brushed metallics, romantic florals and swathes of delicate lace and sheer fabrics. Unfortunately the weather isn't quite allowing me to cover myself in these so for now I'll have to settle with just my manicure!!

I started this soft, romantic nail art with Zoya 'Addison' (thumb, middle and ring) and W7 'Silver Suede' (pointer and pinkie). 'Silver Suede' takes a few coats but I love the soft matte finish, it's really pretty :)

I created a gradient over 'Addison' with OPI 'My Very First Knockwurst'. I wanted to do a more chunky/textured gradient so I used a flat brush and diluted the nail polish with some nail polish thinner. I pretty much just did it how you would with watercolours, using thinner by itself when some super blending was needed!

Over the gradient, I used W7 'Silver Suede' and my striping brush to paint on delicate tendrils and leaves. On my accent nails, I created a take on The Nailasaurus's Waterfall nail art using 'Addison' and 'My Very First Knockwurst' by using my striping brush to flick the nail polish down the nail. I finished it all off with OPI 'Matte Top Coat' (such a fantastic matte topcoat-really fast drying!).

I'm totally head over heels with the matte addition to this manicure, it makes it look so soft and romantic! Although, now I feel the need to mattify everything!!

Thank you for reading!!

Kayleigh :)



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